HAIR REMOVAL - Color: White EU 3pcs

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Light source: pulsed light

Working mode: laser

Cleaning type: no washing

Health benefits: quick, permanent, depilate, tender skin

Model: V - 513

Control mode: touch-tone

Material: ABS.

Scope: whole body

Current mode: alternating current

Color: white, pink

Instructions for use
1. Clean the bald head, scrape the surface hair and clean the residual hair;
2. Start the equipment, adjust the appropriate gear and perform hair removal;
3. After the hair removal is completed, the skin can be cooled with ice water or a frozen towel to cool the skin;
4. Moisturize the skin. After removing hair, use lotion to moisturize the skin.
5. Suggestions on operating positions and times of different parts of various skin types (please refer to the comparison table below)
6. Underarms and lighter skin tone can flash twice in a row, and limbs and darker skin tone
Continuous flash operation is not recommended;
7. When the energy used is high, the number of operation passes should be appropriately reduced;

1. Use 6-10 times for a hair removal cycle;
2. Operate once every 2 weeks at the first 1-6 times;
3. Operate once every 4 weeks at intervals of 6-10 times;
4. If there is a place where fine hair grows in the future, it can be operated once every 2-3 months to reach full
Desired effect;
5. It is recommended that it can be used multiple times according to the thick hair to achieve a better hair removal effect;
6. The specific operation interval varies from person to person, or it can wait for the hair area to grow by about 30%
Perform an operation.

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HAIR REMOVAL - Color: White EU 3pcs

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