8 pack Natural Wooden Spoons and Spatula Set for High Heat Cooking

This 8 pack set of natural wooden spoons and spatulas is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Made from high-quality wood, these utensils are durable and perfect for high heat cooking. They are also designed to be gentle on nonstick cookware, making them a versatile choice for any type of cooking.

The set includes 8 pieces, providing you with a variety of sizes and shapes for all your cooking needs. The wooden material is also ideal for easy stirring and mixing, ensuring that your food is evenly cooked and well combined.

Each item in this set has a unique item ID of VY11059, making it easy to keep track of your utensils. The natural wood material adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen and is also environmentally friendly.

Upgrade your cooking experience with this 8 pack Natural Wooden Spoons and Spatula Set, available now at our online store. Don't miss out on this essential kitchen tool!

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