1pc Rice Washing Drain Basket

Make washing rice a breeze with our creative and stylish rice washing basket. This multifunctional kitchen gadget is a must-have for any household. The medium firmness of the plastic material makes it durable and reusable, perfect for everyday use. The handle is also made of plastic, making it easy to grip and use without the need for electricity. Say goodbye to messy and inefficient rice washing methods and upgrade to our innovative rice washing sieve. Get yours now at our e-commerce store and make your kitchen tasks easier and more efficient.

Product URL: http://shops.mibbuyandsave.com/products/1pc-rice-washing-drain-basket-rice-washing-filter-basket-creative-rice-washing-sieve-plastic-rice-colander-household-rice-washing-basket-multifunctional-rice-washing-basin-kitchen-stuff-kitchen-gadgets1714176447657

Item Firmness Description: Medium

Included Components: Handle

Special Features: Reusable

Material: Plastic

Handle Material: Plastic

Power Supply: Use Without Electricity

Item ID: MH09286

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