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                                 MIB PARTNERSHIP BENEFITS                
  What if you can now make a commission online without owning a website?

                                            Let's dive deeper.

 At MIB GLOBAL, WE BELIEVE IN SHARING WITH OUR MEMBER PARTNERS!                                                           "SHARING IS CARING"

   There are many benefits of registering to enter a partnership with MIB Global. By using the MIB Global application to make all of your everyday purchases, you will be making money with every single purchase. 

Depending on which membership level you decide on, you will receive between 20 and 50% of the commission earned on each purchase.
While other websites might offer discounts on some of their products, MIB Global will be giving you a percentage of the commission earned for every single item you buy.
Not only can you make money off your purchases, but you could also earn a percentage of the commission earned on other purchases by ordering for your family and friends using your MIB Global application.

Imagine making money every time you make an online order from MIB Global.

                                           PLAN BREAKDOWN

1) Bronze Plan = 20% of the commission earned on every purchase.
                                       This plan costs $150.00/year.

2) Silver Plan = 30% of the commission earned on every purchase.
                                      This plan costs $250.00/year.

3) Gold Plan = 40% of the commission on every purchase.                                                                                      This plan costs $350.00/year.

4) Platinum Pro Plan = 50% commission on every purchase.                                                                
                                      This plan costs $450.00/year.
                    *This plan is excellent for business owners buying in bulk

Don't wait, don't hesitate, subscribe to the app now, and start earning a commission every time you shop at MIB GLOBAL!
One wise man said you should never spend a dime without many a penny.
          Remember, this is your hard-earned money; spend it wisely.

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