6pcs Vegetable Wash Basin Set

Keep your fruits and vegetables clean and fresh with this 6-piece wash basin set. Perfect for use in restaurants or in your own kitchen, this set includes a water filter basin, drain basket, strainer, colander, plastic washing bowl, and a fruit and vegetable washing basket. Made of durable plastic, this set is designed to withstand daily use and is easy to clean.

The oval-shaped basin is designed to fit comfortably in your sink, making it convenient to wash and drain your produce. The drain basket and strainer allow for easy removal of excess water, while the colander is perfect for rinsing and draining larger items. The plastic washing bowl is ideal for soaking and washing smaller items, and the fruit and vegetable washing basket is perfect for storing and draining your produce after washing.

Constructed with high-quality plastic, this set is built to last and is resistant to stains and odors. The compact design allows for easy storage when not in use, making it a great space-saving solution for any kitchen. So keep your produce clean and ready to eat with this 6-piece vegetable wash basin set.

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