3pcs/set, Seasoning Pot Set

Add some style and organization to your kitchen with this 3-piece seasoning pot set. Made of durable glass, these pots are rust resistant and perfect for storing your favorite spices and seasonings. The set includes a creative monosodium glutamate pot, salt and pepper jar with tray, and a pepper container. Each pot comes with a lid and a spoon for easy access and storage. Not only are these pots functional, but they also add a touch of elegance to your kitchen decor. Keep your kitchen stuff organized and add some flair with this seasoning pot set.

Item ID: YC83311

Product URL: http://shops.mibbuyandsave.com/products/3pcs-set-seasoning-pot-set-kitchen-spice-pot-seasoning-containers-creative-monosodium-glutamate-pot-salt-and-pepper-jar-with-tray-pepper-containers-seasoning-storage-with-lid-food-storage-box-with-spoon-kitchen-stuff-kitchen-decoration171422678

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