10PCS Pets Durable Cotton Rope Pull Teeth Clean Chew Toy Set

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Product Description:

These pet toys come in different shapes and colors to attract pets more. The rope toy set includes 10 kinds of toys, carrot, tri-color dumbbell, 8-shape rope, cotton rope knot, pet Frisbee, Y-shaped rope, pull rope, etc.

The toys are made of 100% natural cotton rope. They are washable, harmless, and safe, and will not be easily broken by your dogs

This toy set includes a rubber-covered rope knot, dog ball, and ring to clean teeth and reduce dental diseases

It can help relieve your dog’s stress and reduce its irritability, biting and damaging furniture and hurting people. The interactive toys also strengthen the bond between you and your dog during the time you play with them.


Product Specification:

Color: Multi-Color

Material: Cotton

Size: 6-30cm

Weight: 700g

Function: Chew Toy


Package Inclusion:

10 x Chew Toy

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